Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are limited to 20 minutes including questions and transition to the next speaker, so presentations should be ~15 min leaving time for a few questions. Please note that if you go over time, we will cut you off! Bring your talk on a USB drive, and please have it ready to transfer to our computer when you arrive. Slides can be in either PowerPoint or PDF format. If you want to use another format, please check with the conference organizers well ahead of time.


Poster Presentations

Maximum poster size is 36" x 48" (whichever orientation you choose). Most posters will be hanging along the walls and some may be on easels with 36" x 48" boards provided by us. Note that we are tight on space so please limit yourself to this size! If you need a stool or small table to display a laptop, please ask us in advance. Poster presenters are strongly encouraged to prepare a SINGLE powerpoint slide (or pdf) containing the poster title, presenter's and co-authors' names, a photo of the presenter, and a representative photo or graphic for your poster (this could be a photo of instruments, a photo of your field site, a figure, a map, or whatever makes sense to you). Slides will be compiled into a single presentation, and each presenter invited to give a 2 minute blurb to spark interest for the poster session.